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【FreShMAn現場直擊】《破舊立新》大提琴獨奏會 黃家立


大提琴獨奏,是香港鮮有的演奏會,1月21號舉行《破舊立新》大提琴獨奏會的演出者大家並不陌生,是本地優秀年青音樂家的 —— #黃家立。在是次的表演中,他一共演奏了四首樂曲。第一首是巴哈的「六首無伴奏大提琴組曲第五號」。讓人聽到了大提琴獨有的聲音,由前面一開始的沉穩,到後來的輕快,再回到最後的慢節奏讓人應受到黃家立的節奏掌控技巧。







最後一首亦是令人最為驚喜的一首。是由黃家立自己創作的大提琴獨奏曲,是香港他更是與視覺藝術家 Brian Lau合作,利用了特別的電腦程式,把聲音轉換成影像,讓人同時享受視覺和聽覺的饗宴,令音樂變得立體,生動。當中更是融入了不少香港獨有的文化。讓在座的觀眾都至身其中。



The cello solo is a rare concert in Hong Kong. The performer, Wong Ka Lap, one of the best cellists in Asia. In this performance, he played a total of four pieces. The first is J.S. Bach's "6 Suites for Unaccompanied Cello" I heard the unique sound of the cello, from the calmness of the beginning to the briskness of the later, and then back to the last slow rhythm. Let us can enjoy the rhythmic control skills of Wong Ka Lap's.


The second is a work by French classic writer Henri Dutilleux. In this work, Wong Ka Lap's superb cello skills can be reflected. His plucking technique is amazing and very attractive.



The third song is Kodaly's sonata for solo Cello op.8. The slow bow is making people to expect the coming rhythm. Of course, later, it gradually became brisk, like a person walking in the performance.


The last song is also a surprising piece. It is a cello solo created by Wong Ka Lap. He also collaborated with visual artist Brian Lau to use special computer programs to convert sound into action. People can enjoy both visual and auditory feasts, making the music graphic. Among them is mixing many unique cultures of Hong Kong. Let the audience lose themselves into his performance.








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