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【FreShMAn 現場直擊】一位年輕指揮家遇上一位年青鋼琴家的音樂會

【FreShMAn 現場直擊】

《悲劇 • 絕望 • 愛》

 “Tragedy • Desperation • Love”



由馬勒樂團主辦及演出《悲劇 • 絕望 • 愛》1月21號晚於香港大會堂音樂廳舉行,藝術總監兼首席指揮吳懷世 今次邀請到鋼琴家黃家正 合作演奏「蕭邦 第一鋼琴協奏曲(Chopin Piano Concerto No. 1)」。不同節奏的樂章,三個movement都充滿了感情,帶動著一段段回憶,有激昂,也有平靜,這種「愛的表達」跟主題完全吻合,整個樂章透過兩位年青音樂家的的演繹,更充滿力量。

說到吳懷正和黃家正,必定是當代古典音樂人的佼佼者。除了本身的音樂演出,對於推動本港古典音樂更不遺餘力。他們帶領著自己的團隊馬勒樂團及 Music Lab,每年都製作很多創新的原創音樂節目,更將節目帶到不同城市,讓我們香港古典音樂人更多不一樣表演平台;讓大眾對古典音樂有一改更新的看法。


A young conductor meets a young pianist.


Organized and performed by the Gustav Mahler Orchestra, "Tragedy • Desperation • Love" was held at the Concert Hall of the Hong Kong City Hall on the evening of January 21st. Wilson Ng, the artistic director and chief conductor who invited the pianist Wong Ka Jeng to perform the "Chopin Piano Concerto No. 1". The three movements of different rhythms are full of emotions, which bring about memories, excitement, and calmness. This "expression of love" completely matches the theme. The entire movement is performed by two young musicians who are full of energy. 



Speaking of Wilson Ng and Wong Ka Jeng, they must be the best of contemporary classical musicians. Apart from their own musical performances, they have spared no efforts in promoting Hong Kong classical music. Every Year, they lead their team, the Gustav Mahler Orchestra, and Music Lab, and produce many innovative original music programs. They also bring programs to different cities. Let Hong Kong classical musicians have a different performance platform; let the public have a fresh idea of classical music.







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