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FreShMAn x Colour Brown x 誠品生活《MUSIC go on 音樂會》ZPECIAL 專場



由我們「FreShMAn原創音樂雜誌」聯乘「咖啡事多 by Colour Brown」今年首個音樂活動《MUSIC go on 音樂會》昨晚於「尖沙咀誠品生活」正式啟動。



首show我們邀請到由四位年青音樂人組成的樂隊 Zpecial,於這個星期五下班時間,為大家帶來了一場精彩的LIVE SHOW。 雖然受疫情影響,大家都盡量避免聚集公眾地方;但是昨天 開騷前,場地已經聚集了過百位樂迷及顧客,場面熱鬧不已。大家都做好防護措施,戴上口罩,靜待Zpecial表演。



既活力又感性的Zpecial為大家帶來了九首歌曲。第一首當然是他們2018年的派台作品—《未知之旅》。節奏輕快、調皮,令人恍如置身如夏天一樣,完全展現出年輕人的活力。之後Zpecial指希望大家在疫情中的可以身體健康,於是就cover了張衛健的《身體健康》,如此特別的祝福方式真是猶如其名,十分special,誠意十足啊!當然也演繹了Zpecial的「原創」作品,《日光》《最後的勇氣》《夜星》《CityBoy》..... 等等。完show之後,實在令人感覺意猶未盡!Zpecial更指他們會在四月發表新歌,有興趣的朋友記得要留意!



接下來FreShMAn x Colour Brown x 誠品生活《MUSIC go on 音樂會》會有更多樂隊/歌手為大家帶來精彩的表演。3月27號有全男班樂隊 PANDORA及全女子組合 FIESTER,我們 FreShMAn & Colour Brown 在誠品「咖啡事多」約定你啦!



攝:Eric / VeryBrutus 



‘Listening to music with a cup of perfect coffee’ isn’t it sounds great?


The Coffee Store by Colour Brown, Eslite Spectrum Tsim Sha Tsui Store can bring you the exact willing! This Friday, they invited the local band form with 4 energetic boys which are – Zpecial have an amazing live show with us and performed 9 songs in total. The first song must be their works in 2018, the ‘Unknown Journal’. This is a light and playful song. It makes you feel like you are at the beautiful beach, enjoy the sunshine. It totally shows us how energetic they are. After that, Zpecail said they want everyone can stay in good health, so they recover the song of Dicky Cheung—Good health. What a ‘Zpecial’ blessing!



Also, they brought us many Zpecial’s songs, such as ‘Sunlight’, ‘The last courage’, ‘CityBoy’. Those songs are all overwhelming! Zpecial said they will launch new songs at the upcoming April. Don’t forget if you are interested!

After Zpecial, we have many singers preparing the excellent performance to each of us. See you on 27th March, at the Coffee Store by Colour Brown, Eslite Spectrum Tsim Sha Tsui Store!






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