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【FreShMAn 現場直擊】香港電台第四台《我們在乎你音樂會》



疫情依然緊張的狀態下,相信不少人都減少外出,大部份音樂演出也受到影響。有見及此,香港電台 特別邀請了本地不用界別的音樂演奏家,為大家帶來一場綜合空中演出,滿足大家的「音樂癮」。


當中有本地頂級爵士樂吉他手包以正 Eugene Pao,聯同兩位樂手一起在獅子山下 為大家帶來了兩首作品,分別是他的「原創」《Are you sure you’re sure》,歌曲柔和輕快。再來有Beatles的《And I love her》,經典作品配上Eugene出色的吉他技巧,以不同面貌來呈現。在獅子山下,高樓林立,Eugene與一眾音樂人帶著口罩表演,將音樂隔空傳給觀眾,希望可以籍此提醒香港人要努力堅守疫情數字;艱難時期,守望相助,發揮獅子山精神。



另外資深廣播人兼鋼琴家 羅乃新,用琴音為大家加油。她帶來了《舒曼:幻想曲集 Op .12—飛翔(衝動) 》及《莫利克奈:星光伴我心》,相信這兩首作品都是寄語香港人,即使嚴峻的疾情亦要堅守,不鬆懈。對於自己有家人是醫護人員,羅老師指會以自己的方法為他們加油,正如為各位香港人打氣一樣。她也表示,其實疫情未必盡是壞事,其實亦有好的一面。例如她可以透過自己的節目,致電與友人談心,變相亦是拉近了朋友之間的距離,有更多接觸。



除了這兩位音樂人以外,香港電台悉心安排了各具特色的音樂人,為大家帶來不一樣的表演。分別有 香港電台室樂演奏家表演弦樂三重奏,有《莫札特:降 B 大調弦樂三重奏》及《顧嘉煇:獅子山下》,以小提琴及大提琴為大家獻上清新的戶外版本。年輕組合 竹韻小集,除了合奏,更會有樂器獨奏的作品,務求觀眾更了解中樂的魅力。提到中樂,又怎能沒有中式鼓樂?錢國健連同音樂伙伴帶來激昂的鼓章,一掃香港人連日緊張的心情。更有美國國際豎琴大賽冠軍得主于丹,用豎琴演奏中西樂曲,相信可以為樂迷帶來耳目一新的體驗。




香港電台第四台(FM 97.6 – 98.9)

2020 年 5 月 3 日(星期日)晚上 9 時

2020 年 5 月 7 日(星期四)下午 4 時(重播)

港台電視 31

2020 年 5 月 9 日(星期六)晚上 7 時 30 分









Under the stressful epidemic of Hong Kong, I believe that many Hong Kong people will stay at home, and many music performances have also been affected. Because of this, RTHK specially invited some local musicians to bring you a special performance to satisfy everyone's "music addiction".


We have the local jazz guitarist Eugene Pao. He performed with his friends under the Lion Rock. He brought two works. His own "Are you sure you ’re sure", a soft and light song. Then there are Beatles' "And I love her", the classic works, coupled with Eugene's excellent guitar skills. It makes the performance to a higher level. Under the Lion Rock, around the tall buildings, Eugene and his friends performed with masks, hoping to remind Hong Kong people to keep the lower number of the epidemic. Let’s show the spirit of Lion Rock and "support" each other. Also, hope that the music can be passed away through the TV and radio to cheers for everyone with a mask.



Besides, Nancy Loo, a senior broadcaster and pianist, through the piano to say something to Hong Kong people. She brought " Schumann - Fantasia collection Op.12 - Aufschwung (Soaring)" and " Morricone: Cinema Paradiso ". I believe that these two works are messages to Hong Kong people, even under the serious epidemic, don’t give up. As Miss Loo have family members who are healthcare worker, she would cheer for them in her way, just like cheering everyone up in Hong Kong. She also pointed out that it is not just bad things, but also something good inside. For example, she called her friends to talk with through her own broadcast. She stated that it was shortened the distance between her friends and had more contact.




Furthermore, other outstanding musicians will bring you wonderful performances and different musical performances. We have The RTHK Chamber Soloists performed string trios, including "Mozart: String Trio in B-flat Major" and " Joseph Koo Ka Fa: Under the Lion Rock", presenting a fresh outdoor version with violin and cello. The Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble, in addition to the ensemble, there will also be musical instrument solo, so as to make the audience better understand the charm of the Chinese instrument. When it comes to Chinese music, how can there be no Chinese drums? Wilson Chin Kwok-wai and his friends brought the passionate performance to sweep away the tense feelings within Hong Kong. Even the winner of the US International Harp Competition, Yu Dan, used the harp to perform Chinese and Western music. I believe this particular instrument can bring a refreshing experience to Hong Kong people.


" Fine Music on Broadcast Drive ":

RTHK (FM 97.6 – 98.9)

9pm, 9 May 2020 (Sunday)

4pm, 4 May 2020 (Thursday) (replay)


7:30 pm, May 9, 2020 (Saturday)





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